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Wesban utilizes a one on one approach for managing client investments and developing comprehensive financial plans.

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Donna is the President and Chief Investment Officer for Wesban Financial Consultants. She has over 25 years of investment management and financial planning experience. Wesban’s one on one approach allows her extensive experience to benefit all clients. 
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Wesban offers customized portfolio management and ongoing strategic oversight to better position you to accomplish your goals.

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Wesban has over 25 years of investment management and financial planning experience. 

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December 7th, 2017
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Tips From Donna Wesban Monthly November 2017 What You Can Do with a Will A will is often the cornerstone of an estate plan. Here are five things you can do with a will. Distribute property as you wish Wills enable you to leave your property at your death to a surviving spouse, a child, other relatives, friends, a trust, a charity, or anyone you choose. There are some limits, however, on how you...
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COMPANY STOCK AND YOUR PORTFOLIO: KEEP YOUR EYE ON CONCENTRATION RISK The opportunity to acquire company stock — inside or outside a workplace retirement plan — can be a lucrative employee benefit. But having too much of your retirement plan assets or net worth concentrated in your employer's stock could become a problem if the company or sector hits hard times and the stock price plummets. Buyi...
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MEDICARE AND YOUR EMPLOYER HEALTH PLAN If you plan to continue working after you reach age 65, you may be wondering how Medicare coordinates with your employer's group health plan. When you're eligible for both types of coverage, you'll need to consider the benefits and costs, and navigate an array of rules. How does Medicare work with your group health plan? You can generally wait to enroll in ...
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WORKING IN RETIREMENT: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Planning on working during retirement? If so, you're not alone. Recent studies have consistently shown that a majority of retirees plan to work at least some period of time during their retirement years. Here are some points to consider. Why work during retirement? Obviously, if you work during retirement, you'll be earning money and relying less on ...